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Trees to Keys

Beginning the process of building a new home is the hardest part. Deciding where you want to live, what size or style home you need, feeling comfortable with your budget...

Once you make those decisions, Liberty can take it from there! Our team of seasoned professionals make the design and build process quite seamless. Have an idea – share it! This is your home after all.

Turnkey Solutions

Building a new home can be intimidating. Whether you are deciding on a floor plan or the color of your flooring, there are a lot of decisions to make. As your builder, Liberty will guide you through every phase of the process.

To begin, you’ll start designing your home. You have most likely already begun this process… maybe even on the back of the placemat at your local diner. Bring all of your ideas, thoughts, dreams and desires! The pre-designed models are an excellent starting point that can be customized for you! They’re not one size fits all; no two are the same.

Once you finalize your plan and options, the home is ordered. During the 8-10 weeks, your home is in production, the site work gets going. Depending on your site, here is an example of what Liberty will be doing:

  • Clearing and excavation

  • Driveway

  • Installation of the foundation

  • Well/water hookup to municipality

  • Electric service

  • Septic/sewer system

No two pieces of land are alike, either. You may already have your driveway completed, land cleared, specialty accommodations for elevation, existing utilities or municipal services. Liberty will customize your Turnkey Package specific to your needs and property.


Once your home is finished at the factory, Liberty coordinates the transportation to your property and schedules the crane and set crews that will set the boxes onto the foundation.

This is the cool part:

In one (yes, 1) day your home is assembled and weather tight (roof, siding, exterior doors). The Liberty team will continue buttoning up your house while the finish crew gets ready to start with the mechanicals, flooring, external hookups, etc.

All the while, Liberty continues grading, getting the decks/porches done and finishes up the site work and landscaping.


Need help decorating? Liberty will do that, too! (Have you seen the models?!)

Design Center

Buying a new home is an exciting, sometimes overwhelming event in anyone’s life. One of the most personal aspects of buying a new home from Liberty is getting to choose the cabinets, countertops, floor coverings, fixtures, and finishes.

The Liberty Design Center has many of the features available for your new home.  The experienced designers will help you make those important decisions.


Our promise is that it’ll be fun!


Want to learn more? Stop by our showroom and we’ll talk!

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